Bay Appaloosa with Red Dala Foal

To Run with Endurance

I can often tell who is Swedish or grew up around Swedes versus who hasn’t–they either know right away that this is a Dala horse (or a Swedish horse), or they comment that it’s like a carousel horse. Which, I suppose, it kind of is–there are some superficial similarities, especially in my drawings, but they have a totally different origin.

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Dala Pig – the red Duroc

Dala Pig: Duroc

This was my first foray into drawing animals–an intimidating prospect, when I preferred to draw less animate subjects. I have never particularly cared for pigs save as a source of food, but I have to admit, I was incredibly pleased with how this turned out. It has certainly improved my attitude regarding the animals. After a good eighteen different drawings of dala animals, this is still one of my favorites.

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