Spotted Touch-Me-Not

I was out on yet another bike ride on the Wobegon Trail (where better to find all the nature that Central Minnesota has to offer?), when, what to my wandering eyes should appear, but Spotted Touch-Me-Nots! Having recently posted about Meadowhawk dragonflies it is only fitting that I should find–and photograph–the lovely little flowers from my as yet sole dragonfly drawing.

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It’s always fun to encounter a plant or animal I’ve drawn, and it’s especially fun when all I have to do is step outside my door and there it is. I went outside to water my plants recently, and behold: a meadowhawk dragonfly resting on my moss roses. I am no dragonfly expert, but I do know that mature meadowhawk males are ruby-red, while females and immature males are a golden tan. So this is probably a female taking a break just outside my window and most considerately letting me photograph her!

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Large-flowered Trillium ~ Trillium grandiflorum, 2015

Come Mother’s Day in central Minnesota, it’s usually a good time to go driving by the woods. On the right year, the forest floors can be a carpet of showy white blossoms easily seen from the road. The trillium were close to a week late this year, but they’re finally out!

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Great Northern Loon – Gavia immer

Apparently what I grew up knowing as the Common Loon has now been renamed the Great Northern Loon (though Gavia immer remains its scientific name). A compromise, I believe, between Common Loon and the European name, Great Northern Diver. It sounds a little more important than a mere Common Loon, so I guess I’ll go with it.

I was reminded again how difficult feather down is to depict, as are reflections. I sometimes wonder why I torture myself so, but I was pleased with the result, so it was well worth it.