Flash Fiction

“Twelve Dancing Co-eds”

Published April 2016 in Havok Fairytales: Unfettered

Twelve jazz-age college girls get into trouble in the Fey-run speakeasy below the city.


Published June 2016 in Splickety Outdoor Misadventure

A kayaker is washed onto a rocky promontory above a waterfall and the Devil’s Kettle.

“The Dewey Road” 

Contest-winning short story

Published September 2016 in Splickety Buckle Up

A librarian sent to find someone lost in time learns that not even time can heal all wounds.

“My Fair Pickering” 

Published February 2017 in Spark Literary Reimaginings

What if Eliza Doolittle found love not with Henry Higgins or Freddy Eynsford-Hill, but with someone who has always appreciated her for who she is?

“Song to the Moon” 

Published November 2017 in Spark Fine Arts Love

An old musician finds something precious through a young opera singer’s voice.

“In the Bag” 

Published April 2018 in Havok Extraordinary Exploits

A tourist in Russia is on the run with an item in her possession that will either get her home safely or get her killed.

“Dragon Armor” 

Published February 22, 2019 on GoHavok.com

A girl finds a new use for her ancestor’s dragon-hunting armor when an arsonist targets her village.

“Just Believe”

Published October 4, 2019 on GoHavok.com

A worn-out singer finds hope again when she rescues a dragonfly that is more than what it seems.