Dala Horse: Fjord Foal

Blue dala horse foal climbs on Norwegian fjord horse mare
Dala Horse: Fjord Foal

While Dala Horses are a very Swedish design, specific to the region of Dalarna, they share an uncanny resemblance to a very Norwegian breed of horses, the Norwegian Fjord Horse. Vestlandet, the southwestern region of Norway to which the horses are endemic, is a largely mountainous region abutting the sea, full of narrow fjords slicing through the coast lands. Given the artwork found in Viking burial sites, fjord horses have been selectively bred since at least Viking times (1200 AD). The black dorsal stripe on the horses is incredibly distinctive, especially in their manes, which are white outside of that black stripe running down the middle. The darker stripe follows the horse’s spine all the way to the tail, where again the hair is white except for the black streak down the middle.

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