Daylily Giclée Print


Matted Giclée Print of Daylily

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Some wildflowers are really just garden escapees who have foraged out beyond the order of human plantings to make a home for themselves amongst the native plants and other weeds. That would be the daylily. It may not be a native, or naturally wild, but it grows wild in ditches and along old habitations throughout the country.

Like a mule, Hemerocallis fulva is actually a sterile crossbreed—it is unable to produce fertile seed. It is only propagated through the roots, which makes all the orange daylilies you see in the ditch—as well as the first one recorded in the US in 1793, and the first known H. fulva in northern Europe in 1576—all clones of the original Chinese hybrid.

Giclée prints are printed on archival cotton rag. Inks are water based and free of Nickel, PFOS, PFOA and VOC’s, which are harmful to the environment and cause degradation of prints.

Prints are all matted; an 8×10 print comes in a mat to fit an 11×14 frame, an 11×14 matted print fits a 16×20 frame.

206 Daylily
©Rachael Koppendrayer
Printed in USA

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