Get Your Goat 5×7 Art Card


A 5×7 Art Card of Get Your Goat

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As the Tomte and the Yule Goat were delivering presents,
They came across a surprise most merry and pleasant.
Outside of the barn was a magnificent creature
Crafted of straw and perfect in every feature!

The Tomte climbed on its back and took hold of a horn.
He admired the red ribbons and the gold straw it adorned.
“Ah, yes!” cried the Tomte. “A julbock in true!
He’s so festive and stylish—even better than you!”

The Yule Goat, fair miffed, huffed and turned on his heel.
“Fine!” the buck replied, “Do just as you feel!
But if you insist on a goat made of straw,
Then I hereby, immediately, my services withdraw.”

The Tomte slid to the ground and grumbled about folk
Like cantankerous old billies who can’t take a joke.
“Quit making a fuss, and I’ll fetch you some oats.
Though it makes a nice change to for once get your goat.”

Image is a print of an original color pencil drawing by Rachael Koppendrayer, printed on 100# cover.

Each card measures 5×7 inches, and is blank on the inside. Envelope is included.


505 Get Your Goat
©Rachael Koppendrayer
Printed in USA

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