Dala Horse: Norwegian Fjord Reflection Giclée Print


Matted Giclée Print of Dala Horse: Norwegian Fjord Reflection


While fjord horses are distinctively Norwegian, they share an uncanny resemblance to the carved wooden Dala horses from central Sweden. Fjord manes are often cut to a short, vertical crest to highlight the black stripe of hair down the middle. Given the designs a talented stylist can cut into the mane (diamonds, scallops, hearts, cogs, etc), one would think they were the inspiration for the fanciful folk painting on the manes of the Dala horses. Not to mention the shape of a Dala horse is much closer to the stocky profile of the fjord horse than a thoroughbred!

Giclée prints are printed on archival cotton rag. Inks are water based and free of Nickel, PFOS, PFOA and VOC’s, which are harmful to the environment and cause degradation of prints.

Prints are all matted; an 8×10 print comes in a mat to fit an 11×14 frame, and 11×14 matted prints fit a 16×20 frame. 18×24 prints are not matted.


108 Dala Horse: Norwegian Fjord Reflection
©Rachael Koppendrayer
Printed in USA

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