Painted Lady 5×7 Art Card


A 5×7 Art Card of Painted Lady on New England Asters

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Who is that cosmopolitan lady? Does she go by Cynthia or Vanessa?
Painted Lady butterflies have been known by a couple different scientific names featuring ladies’ given names—they have been called Cynthia cardui, but now they are more often called Vanessa cardui. Their species name, cardui, comes from the Latin word for thistle, which is the preferred host plant for their spiny black caterpillars. They aren’t terribly picky, though—the so-called Thistle Caterpillars will also thrive on hollyhocks, mallow, various legumes, and just about any member of the aster family. On years of exceptional population explosions, they have been known to defoliate soybean and sunflower fields. Painted Ladies have also been called the Cosmopolitan Butterfly, as they are the most widely distributed butterfly in the world, found on every continent except Australia (which has a similar species) and Antarctica.

Image is a print of an original color pencil drawing by Rachael Koppendrayer, printed on 100# cover.

Each card measures 5×7 inches, and is blank on the inside. Envelope is included.


305 Painted Lady
©Rachael Koppendrayer
Printed in USA

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