Painted Lady Giclée Print


Matted Giclée Print of Painted Lady on New England Asters


Painted Ladies have also been called the Cosmopolitan Butterfly, as they are the most widely distributed butterfly in the world, found on every continent except Australia (which has a similar species) and Antarctica. Those migrating from tropical Africa to the Arctic Circle travel double the distance that monarchs in their famed migration do.

Giclée prints are printed on archival cotton rag. Inks are water based and free of Nickel, PFOS, PFOA and VOC’s, which are harmful to the environment and cause degradation of prints.

Prints are all matted; an 8×10 print comes in a mat to fit an 11×14 frame, and 11×14 matted prints fit a 16×20 frame.


305 Painted Lady
©Rachael Koppendrayer
Printed in USA

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