Dala Rooster: Wake-Up Call 5×7 Art Card


A 5×7 Art Card of Dala Rooster: Wake-Up Call

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Sweden has several native breeds of chickens, from the black and white speckled Orust Hen to the tiny gold and gray-brown Old Swedish Dwarf Hen. The most striking, though, is the rare Svarthöna, or Swedish Black Hen. Its entire body is black: feathers, beak, legs, comb, skin, tongue, you name it. But it’s not just the chicken’s outward appearance—even its insides are inky black: organs, meat, even bones. Only the eggs of a Svarthöna appear normal, with typical whites and yolks and creamy white shells. The black hyperpigmentation is officially known as fibromelanosis, and the Svarthöna is one of only a few breeds to exhibit it to such an extreme degree. Of course, a dala rooster would have a touch more flare in his feathers, even if his insides are the color of ink.

Image is a print of an original color pencil drawing by Rachael Koppendrayer, printed on 100# cover.

Each card measures 5×7 inches, and is blank on the inside. Envelope is included.


125 Dala Rooster: Wake-Up Call
©Rachael Koppendrayer
Printed in USA

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