Dala Rooster: Wake-Up Call Giclée Print


Matted Giclée Print of Dala Rooster: Wake-Up Call


Sweden has several native breeds of chickens, from the black and white speckled Orust Hen to the tiny gold and gray-brown Old Swedish Dwarf Hen. The most striking, though, is the rare Svarthöna, or Swedish Black Hen. Its entire body is black: feathers, beak, legs, comb, skin, tongue, you name it. But it’s not just the chicken’s outward appearance—even its insides are inky black: organs, meat, even bones. Only the eggs of a Svarthöna appear normal, with typical whites and yolks and creamy white shells. The black hyperpigmentation is officially known as fibromelanosis, and the Svarthöna is one of only a few breeds to exhibit it to such an extreme degree. Of course, a dala rooster would have a touch more flare in his feathers, even if his insides are the color of ink.

Giclée prints are printed on archival cotton rag. Inks are water based and free of Nickel, PFOS, PFOA and VOC’s, which are harmful to the environment and cause degradation of prints.

Prints are all matted; an 8×10 print comes in a mat to fit an 11×14 frame, and 11×14 matted prints fit a 16×20 frame.


125 Dala Rooster: Wake-Up Call
©Rachael Koppendrayer
Printed in USA

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